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Main Instrument:

Other Instruments:
vocals and bass

Favorite Genres:
alt, heavy metal, rock

Jimi hendrix, the Beatles, Black sabbath, judas priest, pantera, king diamond, mercyful fate, soundgarden, ALICE IN CHAINS, stone temple pilots, nine inch nails, type o negative, nirvana, a perfect circle, primus, white zombie, pink floyd, led zeppelin, robert johnson, danzig, megadeth, yngwie malmsteen, jason becker, opeth, tool, system of a down, pdp, a perfect circle, frank zappa...

79 reissue dean ml, 93 fender strat with dimarzio yngwie malmsteen signature pickups, 12 gibson sg,67 fender fretless jazz bass, 86 peavy fury bass, Hofner violin bass, bugera tube amp, Acoustic half stack bass amp


Hi, my name is kristina love. I've been playing guitar for 10 years now and I attend musicians institute. Music is my life! My father is a professional drummer and my mother was a bassist, so i've always been surrounded by music. I picked up my first instrument when I was 4 and that was the drums. I played the drums till i was about 8 then picked up the violin. At 14 I was introduced to pantera and i remember the guitar solo from cemetery gates giving me chills.. so i picked up the guitar and totally fell in love and couldn't put it down. I chose to make a career in music and I'm looking for other musicians to jam with who have the same love for music as i do.