JamSesh - Find other musicians to jam with in NYC

Main Instrument:

Other Instruments:
More Drums :)

Favorite Genres:
rock, pop, punk, alternative, country rock.

Musical inspirations are varied, but I listen and play everything. I have experience performing on stage; rock, pop, punk, alternative, country rock.

7 pc Maple Acoustic kit, Gretsch 5 pc Maple Acoustic kit, Zildjian A cymbals, Roland TD-12 electronic drumset, Beringer mixer, Shure drum mics, multi-track digital recording set up, PA rig


I have played drums for 6 years. With 100-200 live drumming performances, I am prepared. Studio experienced with multiple studios in Dallas. Recently moved to NYC to find like-minded musicians to jam with and possibly turn a jam session into a serious project.