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Main Instrument:

Other Instruments:
Guitar, Bass

Favorite Genres:
Rock, Country, Blues, funk, Soul

Van Halen, ZZ Top, Jeff Healey, John Sykes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, James Hetfield, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Buckethead, Eagles, Zac Brown, Steve Clark, Jimmy Page

AMP - Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier w/2X12 cab GUITARS - Fender American Special Strat, Charvel San Dimas, Gibson Explorer PEDALS - EVH: Wah Pedal, Phase 90, TC Electronics: Hall of Fame Reverb, Polytune II, Line 6 Digital Wireless


I've played in many NYC rock bands, local country bands, as well as cover bands in North County and Las Vegas. As of now my main priority is school, teaching guitar lessons, and working to become a TA at Musician's Institute.